Great Britain, the World Cup and Crime Prevention Minister

world cupThe British are notorious for their unruly behavior at football matches.  So much so, that it has now gotten to the point where the government minister for crime prevention, James Brokenshire has “begged England fans to behave well during the forthcoming World Cup.” Apparently, Minister Brokenshire has gone a step further than his plea and has taken “drastic steps to stop the worst football hooligans to South Africa.”
This doesn’t do well for the image of Brits of quiet, conservative, upstanding civic individuals.  It’s a true case also of politics getting into every area of life.  If politics now has to involve itself in sport – as this move clearly indicates – then it shows the Brits can’t be trusted on certain levels and could lead to more governmental intervention in the future.
In other words, if the British people does not clean up its act on the football pitch and government ministers have to get involved to this level, the question becomes, what is this going to mean for the future of the British people and governmental intervention?  The Brits would be well advised to watch out and clean up their act.

The Judicial Branch of the American Government

The Supreme Court is the highest court that America has in its federal court system.  Below them are courts of appeal and below this are district courts.

Individual court systems of each state also exist, and are separate from the federal court system, but they aren’t entirely divorced from the system or independent from it.  Each of these individual court systems in each state has its own laws and its own procedures.  Each state also has a Supreme Court for the state and they are the final authority on the interpretation of the state’s laws.

A case can move from a state court to the U.S. Surpreme Court when there is a federal question involved.

If you look at the break down of the court system in America, it consists of the following: the Supreme court, 13 courts of appeal, 94 district courts and two courts of special jurisdiction.